Ninja-IDE, a swift open source Python editor

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Ninja-IDE Is Not Just Another IDE, it is a cross platform, fast and smart code warrior. Note that the name “Ninja-IDE” is a clever recursive acronym. The best thing about Ninja-IDE is that it is a full-featured Python IDE that is also free! Not only free as in free beer, but also as in free speech (GPLv3 licensed)! I took the software for a test-drive and I discovered the following characteristics:

  1. Super responsive
  2. Excellent screen layout
  3. Great code navigation
  4. Awesome quick-search (Ctrl-K)
  5. Fantastic set of plug-ins

It really stole my heart, and is now one of my favorite open source Python IDE’s.

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The best Python IDE’s no money can buy

My favorite open source Python IDE’s are currently:

  • As a complete IDE: PyDev (plugin for Eclipse)
  • As a light-weight IDE: Ninja-IDE (no Mac binaries)

In my experience Ninja-IDE is much more responsive than PyDev. So if you value responsiveness over features, you may want to choose Ninja-IDE over PyDev. On the other hand if you care about features, then PyDev wins.

What about PyCharm?

Yes, I know about its popularity among Python developers, but the open source (community) edition of PyCharm is missing some important features and I do not want to promote closed source or deliberately limited software.

Plugins for Ninja-IDE

These are my three favorite plug-ins for the Ninja-IDE:

  1. Git integration
  2. Django plugin
  3. Sphinx Documentation Builder plugin

These plug-ins add integrated support for Git, Django and Sphinx, stuff I tend to use in my Python projects.

Download and install

Want to try it out? If you are on a Debian-based Linux (like Ubuntu) than you can simply execute the following and the software will be downloaded and installed:

sudo apt-get install ninja-ide

Or if you are on Windows or Mac you can visit the Ninja-IDE website and download it from there.

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